Week 9, Project, Instructional Manual Continued

During this week’s lecture, I will discuss using Google Docs to create your Instructional Manual. Google Docs gives us plenty of writing, layout, and multimedia-rich features that will support your instructional manual’s design. Additionally, Google Docs has a “Publish to Web” feature that lets you turn your instructional manual into a web site that you can easily share with others. This week, we will focus on the layout of your instructional manual and save the publishing features for an upcoming lecture.

I’ll discuss these examples that I made with you in this week’s lecture:

And, I’ll discuss these webpages for generating ideas about how to present relevant information in your instructional manual:

See this week’s weekly writing assignment with your next step in the project–to build an outline and a basic set of instructions or steps, and post that outline in a comment with a memo format. You can find it above!

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