After Class Writing: Bolter and Grusin’s “Remediation”

After today’s class, write at least 250 words summarizing your reading of Bolter and Grusin’s “Remediation” and the lecture on it. Include at least one example of “remediation” in an app or other technology that you use. Copy your summary into a comment made to this blog post before our next class.

After Class Writing: Kostelnick’s “Typographical design, modernist aesthetics, and professional communication”

After today’s class, leave a comment on this blog post of at least 250 words summarizing your reading and the lecture on Kostelnick’s “Typographical design, modernist aesthetics, and professional communication.” If you did some extra research on Modernism and the Bauhaus, please include that in your response.

Extra Credit Opportunity and/or Useful for Research Projects

Prof. Lev Manovich, who we will be reading soon in our class, is offering a free workshop on visualizing social media data such as photos on Instagram. I think that this workshop would be tremendously beneficial for many of you who are studying various social media’s effect on language. The workshop takes place after class on Tuesday from 6-9PM, and registration is required. Go here for all the details and registration.

Similar terms for extra credit: 250 words discussing what you learned and did. Of course, you can cite the workshop as a part of your research for your final papers, too.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Women in STEM Night

On Friday, March 23 from 5:30-8:00pm, the Friedman Center at the New York Hall of Science in Queens is hosting a “Women in STEM Night.” This is a great opportunity for women interested in STEM careers to learn from and network with professionals in those fields. City Tech is participating in the event, too. The event is free, but you’ll need to RSVP here and bring your student ID. This is also worth extra credit with a 250-word write up with details about what you learned and who you met.

Hall of science

After Class Writing: McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”

For today’s after class writing assignment, write at least 250 words summarizing what you had read in Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message” and remember from our discussion during class.

Also, Jessica Roman told us about this educational video about McLuhan’s ideas, which I think is worth watching in whole or part: