Extra Credit Opportunity: Health Information Technology to Improve Physician Decisions

Anyone can take advantage of this, but I’m especially encouraging students interested in biology and the medical field to go to this talk. If you would like extra credit, you know the drill: at least 250 words summarizing who spoke and what you learned. Details are embedded below:

BD2BMI_Invited Lectures_Health

After Class Writing: Hart-Davidson’s “On writing, technical communication and information technology”

For your final after class writing assignment, please post a comment of at least 250 words to this blog post summarizing your reading and lecture notes on Hart-Davidson’s “On Writing, Technical Communication, and Information Technology.” Be sure to note the link to the previous reading by Derrida.


Remediation Example: Oculus Go

Oculus announced their new phone-less Oculus Go VR headset this week. The Verge reviewed it here. Scroll down the review until you seen the screenshot of the VR “waiting room”–the area where you select a game or app to run. Why is it a room with windows looking out on a virtual landscape/trees? Why are there books stacked on the floor? Consider this in relation to what we read in Bolter and Grusin’s “Remediation.”

Worth Checking Out: Free Comic Book Day, May 5

Free Comic Book Day is May 5. This is an opportunity to visit your local comic book shop and score free comics that are published for this event. There’s superhero comics, independent comics, video game comics, movie comics, manga, etc. Here’s a full list of what’s available. Though, not all shops will have the full list and what they have on-hand might be limited.

After Class Writing: Derrida’s “Signature Event Context”

After today’s class, add a comment to this blog post summarizing the reading and in-class discussion of Derrida’s “Signature Event Context.” Your comment should be at least 250 words.

If you need sources to reference in addition to your lecture notes, please refer to the link below from Jessica Roman and the YouTube videos that I think give a good summary of the reading.

Notebooks on Language