Sakura Blossom In this Project, we drew a realistic image and transformed it into an abstract image in stages.  The goal was to create an abstract image to a logo type form and finally create it a similar but unrecognizable icon to the realistic image we drew. As you can see it progresses, the sakura flower transforms to be petal(s) and it could be depicted as any flower in the world.

I sincerely enjoyed this project the most out of all because I was really interested in creating my favorite type of flower into logos and an abstract image. There were a few more ideas that wasn’t put on the final paper because it was limit to one each. But, all in all, I really had fun with this project; creating the silhouettes and contouring each and everyone image/logo I could think of. fullsizerender This project creates an illusion of perception and stimulates the eye because of the hue and intensity of the color scheme. As shown, the lighter color and darker color are juxtaposed and creates a simultaneous contrast. Simultaneous contrast isn’t limited to only two colors, there can be multiple in a scheme.

The Simultaneous contrast project really had my brain running. I was confronted with trial and errors while choosing each and every color to show a simultaneous contrast. I was really stubborn and wanted to use pink, so it was difficult finding a contrasting color. The second part of the project was very enjoyable as I pieced geometric shapes together creating a fun work of art.
FlagThe Flag project made us depict our personality, our life, and our story. We created this flag with meaning and items/logos to represent ourselves. Each color described us and every contour line was chosen carefully to fully relate to an actual flag.

The Flag Project was our final project of the term and it was the best way to end it. The flag project really depicted our life in them. Searching for the meaning of colors, creating hieroglyphs, mind web, and finally designing our life on a paper. Each and everything of the flag really represents me. For example, the gaming controller represents a fun hobby that I do everyday, or that gaming has been there since I was at a young age and that has lead me to dream of becoming a video game designer or developer.