“Be Water, My Friend.” – Bruce Lee

I’ve always loved Bruce Lee’s wisdom, strengths, inspirations and his movies. Anyway, this quote is just a small fraction of the main quote Bruce says. I found the quote to be inspiring because Lee wasn’t just martial arts, he spoke a lot about philosophy. In ways, becoming water also meant calming the mind and looking at who you really are.

Visual Quote 1

Visual Quote 1 PDF

I chose a simple theme to contrast the two type faces of Minion Pro and Helvetica Neue. In essence, I tried to capture the flow of water and the stillness. As seen, water matched theme colors of cyan, white and blue.

Visual Quote 2

Visual Quote 2 PDF

For my second design, I took the quote literally and just morphed the words to create a water droplet. I used Helvetica Neue as the font.

Visual Quote 3

Visual Quote 3 PDF

For my third design, I made the quote go along with the image shown. I used the font Helvetica Neue and made the type go on the top left because it just flowed rightly.