1) Pick a comic and ignore the artist’s caption. What does the comic communicate if we only look at the illustration? How do we know this? What does the artist place in his drawing to relay his message? How does his drawing style help further communicate his message?

The illustration “Waiting” was the first to catch my eye; an illustration of a dog sitting by the door waiting for his friend to come home. This captivated me because George Booth revealed loneliness and loyalty by centering and isolating the dog. It’s a simple yet powerful illustration.

2) How do these Illustrations communicate ideas differently from graphic design? What does Illustration do that graphic design cannot do? What does graphic design do that illustration and comics cannot do?

The illustrations communicate ideas differently from graphic design because every drawing consist of unique different story that’s drawn or told in a different way.

3) Consider who is represented in these illustrations (culturally, demographically, socio-economically). Who isn’t included? What do these visual cues tell you about the audience this was meant for? The time period?

Walking around the exhibition, many of the illustrations included women, man, and animals. In Booth’s illustrations, you could tell he was fond of animals. But, there were rarely illustrations African-Americans. This was probably due to segregation back then.