Community Service

Experiences such as participating in the Greater New York Dental Meeting, volunteering at public health programs such as Headstart, and presenting in the City Tech Health Fair, have also helped shape my dedication to dental hygiene.

greater NY

Greater NY Dental Meeting


Our participation in Headstart was especially rewarding. We helped educate and administer fluoride treatment to the children of  Family Headstart (8885 26th Avenue, Bk, NY, 11214). Many of these children did not own tooth brushes, and did not know about oral self-care. It was a rewarding experience to help take part in their oral hygiene education, and help them build new habits.

head start

Headstart Center

In addition to this, my classmates and I also volunteered at St. Demetrios Elementary school, in Astoria NY. We spent the day with 5th grade students and taught them all about oral hygiene, cavity formation, and the benefits of choosing nutritious snacks over unhealthy ones.

bad snack

Good Snack VS Bad Snack presentation at St. Demetrios Elementary School

Participating in the City Tech health fair was one of my most memorable experiences studying dental hygiene. Below is the poster board I prepared, for my research project “The link between Diabetes Mellitus, Periodontal Disease, and Gingival Crevicular Fluid.” It was a pleasure to showcase my research among my fellow classmates, and help inform the students of our school about the latest news of the dental hygiene realm.


City Tech Health Awareness Fair, poster board presentation

the link between diabetes mellitus, perio & gingival crevicular fluid


City Tech Health Awareness Fair. brochure

brochure- link btwn diabetes, perio & gingival crevicular fluid