Culmination Project Proposal

Edgar Alejandro

ENT 4499- Culmination

3D And 2D design

Executive Summary


For my culmination I’ve deicides to take my skills that I have accumulated in the past four years at city tech. This has been an accumulation of things that have been learned in  my track of game design. There are many aspects of game design one major aspect being 3D design and 3D art. This being the focal point of my skills that I want to incorporate for the project I worked on. The name of the game we are making is called Sirenia. I will 2D and 3D artist for the group Divergent Minds on the project Sirenia. My purpose on the project was to make sure that all 3D and 2D art could properly be used in the development of our game. This could have meant a variety of things such as Creating conceptual art that can be used at later stages of the games design period to flesh out and make a more immersive world that the player can see. The next thing would be the creation of assets that will directly be put into the game so the player can have a streamlined experience that can have the immersion to keep their attentions.

This will greatly benefit my portfolio as it will show off the skills in the fields I am most interested in after college This being 3D animation and rigging. these assets and world that was created from the ground up will serve as a tool that I will use to show off the amazing work that not only me but my group had crated over the past semester.

I predict the outcome of my efforts will be an effective understanding of group work and time management. Another goal would be



The two parts that coincide with each other for this project will be the pre and post production aspect. These two laying out the groundwork for how the project will run with the group and how we will manage things. The tools that we will decide to use  in order to get this production moving smoothly where google docs, discord, slack, and terllo. these being tools of communication to flesh out our story and game design.

The first stage of this production being the pre production in which we would create our story and flesh out the ideas of where our setting will be for our game. there will also be the creation of our sketch works and many concepts. This can be drawing out drafts for our home screen and how it will appear for the player, We will also create reference sheets and 3d turnaround sheets for the main character of the game .This will be done in programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop in order to keep it consistent to the adobe suite.

Then comes the post-production where we would create the 3d assets in blender where it will be a streamlined process where we make sure that our world elements can be made and placed into the game. There also comes the job of creating the main character in blender and assuring that she can be animated and useable for our game. We will make sure to take elements and outsource ideas from many underwater games that have came before but also the inclusion of new elements and new ideals for our game. Once this has happened we will make sure the implementation process is easy for the player and we make sure that elements from blender can transfer over to Unity for its use. This includes textures, lighting, and general shape of the models.

Gantt Chart


Week 14 – Last week

Weeks Work.

This week i decided focusing on how we can move the 3d models we worked on to various other platforms. This is very important as you will have to transfer these pieces of work other places like sketchfab, Unity, etc. This is process that can be messed up pretty easily if you don’t pay attention. I will explain the process of doing this on unity. When you finish a textured object in unity you will want to make a specific folder for everything this object will have. So the images you used as the texture will be placed into the unity folder. Then you are going to go to blenders file section and hover over export. choose fbx as this works with unity. Then select the folder you created with all the material images and export it. When it appears on the unity project it will have all the textures on it.

Finals Update:

I have decided for my final presentation I will make a 10-15 minute video on how to add texture to an object in unity and exporting it to other platforms. It will consist of unity and Sketchfab


Week 13 – Blender Final (Texture)

This week I have started learning the process of adding texture to 3d models onto my pool that i started building. There where many struggles that I faced when working with texturing the pool. One being is figuring out which tab to be on when adding texture to the object.  This being the materials property tab on the right hand side. Than comes where i customized each material. I learned that You could change the based colors could be changed to images. Finally there was the issue of aligning the points to the textures. At first there was the issue of me trying to do this manually and it became such a mess that I had to reset it.  but the simple way would be to  select the area you want to texture and then use the U key to unravel.



Week 13 – Final Project Check In

During the span of a week I have been teaching myself how to use blender in a multitude of ways. I have learned the basics of navigating the platform and using the tools given to me. There are certain hotkeys you have to adjust yourself to before using the software at hand. The most important ones being G for grabbing a point that has been selected and moving it. There is R for the rotation of the objects. There is also E for extruding said objects. the numpad is useful in the direction you are looking like front faces , top faces, and side faces. I decided to make a lowpoly person or an attempt since it was my first ever time using blender properly.

Reference videos:



Week 12 – Unity Video

This was an interesting assignment and helped me feel more comfortable with unity. The video recorder was fairly straight forward in what I have to do. The only problem I had was uploading the video which I got over by making it a youtube video and posting the link.

Week 11 – photogrammetry

This week I worked with the Agisoft Metasphere in order to make 3d models out of real objects. I decided to use a PS4 controller.  I took around 80-90 photos. Some problems that I encountered was when trying to upload the photos to drive, from my iPhone,  they would come up as HEIC. Which was unusable for the Metasphere program. So I through the process of uploading 10 files at a time through a online converter since it was a free version. I later found out that I could change the formatting of photos of iphone in the settings to jpeg. Then came the process of tracking the points and making a mesh out of it. This was a very simple process and makes it very easy. the final problems was when I exported the project as a fbx it did not have any textures on the object. so it was just blue on the unity scene.