VR homework #1


Camp Monday 


Another artist that I follow on social media and whose work I enjoy. Their work also consist of very freelance work and other things of the sort. The reason I decided to choose this artist is because of the surrealism that they use in their work and how interesting and unique. It’s a very different style which works very well with the work they do 



A great artist that I enjoy who seems to do a lot of freelance work. The way he does backgrounds is amazing and feels really captivating and alive. Something I also appreciate is the designs of his characters. Feeling very unique and awesome! 

Hirohiko Araki 


A very influential manga artist creating one of the biggest manga series in the world. “Jojo’s bizarre adventure”. With some of his work being shown off at the Louvre and him creating a poster for the upcoming paraplegic olympics. The reason I think of him as an inspiration is because his style is so distinguable and vibrant. You could look at a piece of his art and know that “yeah that’s Araki art” and I strive for that in my work. 

Paru Itagaki 


Another manga artist that’s fairly well known, creator of the manga series “beastars”. This being an ongoing manga series with a very interesting story about anthropomorphic animal living in a very human society. The reason their art inspires me is that the way they portray their characters is in a very distinct style and just the way this artist does their line work is very unique. 


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