Week 11 – photogrammetry

This week I worked with the Agisoft Metasphere in order to make 3d models out of real objects. I decided to use a PS4 controller.  I took around 80-90 photos. Some problems that I encountered was when trying to upload the photos to drive, from my iPhone,  they would come up as HEIC. Which was unusable for the Metasphere program. So I through the process of uploading 10 files at a time through a online converter since it was a free version. I later found out that I could change the formatting of photos of iphone in the settings to jpeg. Then came the process of tracking the points and making a mesh out of it. This was a very simple process and makes it very easy. the final problems was when I exported the project as a fbx it did not have any textures on the object. so it was just blue on the unity scene.