Business Etiquette

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I am an intern at a company where I have been working remotely. I haven’t got or attended any events however I had communicated with the Director of the department I’m working with. This internship has taught me a lot and it will help me in the future and I get to experience working with a company. In every company or place you work at, it is important to have good business etiquette because it creates a professional environment and helps with better communication with the people you’re working with. Even if I am working remotely at this Organization, I use my communication skills to communicate the most professional way to the director of the department, the chairman, other interns, and everyone in the workplace. You want to maintain proper business communication etiquette because it helps you maintain a positive attitude and they can see that you’re serious about the place you are working at and it will help you make good connections. 


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Working at the organization as an intern I had been completing each task on time before the deadline. For every task I got assigned, I received good feedback and if any changes needed to be made, I worked on it right away. At the beginning of the internship, I did my research and learned more about the company to see what is the target audience I’m leading towards and get to know about the organization. When receiving a project, I make sure a set a day and time to be able to complete this project on time and not rushed since I have a tight schedule, I wanted to make sure I complete it on time and organize. I would say there are tasks that I wish I could have done better but I’m still leaning on developing my skills and getting better and better. I had learned a lot from this internship and got some experience for the future.

Collaborative Project

A collaborative project at the internship in when two or more participants work together on a project. However, so far at the internship, which is remote, I haven’t worked together with the other interns on a project together. So far, I just get individual tasks assigned and get a deadline from them. At the organization, we communicate through an app where we get assigned tasks individually, but we can still see who is doing each task to keep track who is doing which project. However, sometimes there’s a project assigned, and I can see through the app that another team member is working on it as well and you can see when that member completed the task, so I think it’s somewhat collaborative. For example, creating a news letter a person might be doing one topic from the newsletter and I could be doing another one.

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Learning Outcomes


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In this Internship, I had learned to work for others and get projects assigned that will prepare me for my career. As my area of concentration which is illustration at first I was doing more about branding and editorial, but also I had the creative freedom to design some reusable/tote bags where I used my illustration skills and did some illustration for the bags also for a greeting cards projects where I get to design greeting cards for all the important holidays during the year. I believe that Internships are very important no matter if it’s just for credit, paid or unpaid they all have the same value. Internships are a great way to start you career and build connections that will help you later in the future and get better opportunities. What I had being learning from this internship is ho­w to work on different tasks and keeping track with deadlines. Some of the Internship outcomes are being able to apply your skills and what you had learned in school at an internship and improve their industry skills while also learning how to work with the experts. Also, be able to develop interpersonal skills and work in a professional environment.

My typical day on the internship is when I get an assigned task I read carefully the directions start brainstorming ideas, once the task is completed I summit it the day before deadline in case I need to make any changes afterwards, log in to the app where I get to chat with the team and get feedback from the director and makes some changes if need it.

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The organization I’m working in its remote due to the covid restrictions and so far, I haven’t got any problems with communicating with the people at the company and the other interns. Every week I get assigned individual projects and having got any group projects where I get to talk with the other interns. If I were to go in person to this organization, I would dress with casual clothes not too distracting with excessive jewelry and look for solid colors. My workplace is at home on a desk with my computer, iPad, and a sketchbook for any sketches that I need to do while completing the task this way will help me how to layout the design for newsletter and articles that I get to design. The most important is to be able to complete your task on time at or before the deadline arrives.

My Responsibilities

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When I joined the organization my role at the company is working with the communications and marketing team where the company is working on rebranding and adding their new logo to their forms and other projects. In the process of looking for an internship and reaching out to the chairman of this organization, they called me and had a one o one interview, the questions I got asked were about myself, my education and what are my goals. They talked about the company which is a a non-profit organization whose goal is to work with individuals of all origins to help build economically stable and sustainable communities. The organizations offer services to the elders, adults, and the young community. This organization was founded in 2016 and is now expanded internationally in many different countries and working on being global. The next day I was introduced to the team, and I was assigned my first project for the company.

About the Company

The company I am working with is a non-profit organization based in New York founded in 2016. The company works with individuals to help build economically stable communities to help the poor, elders, students, everyone. The area I am working on is in the Communications and Marketing department working with the design team. An article talks about the organization’s success and How the founder came up with this idea, a point that caught my attention was “Individuals in communities were tired of the false promises from their government and other organizations where they then started living in silence.” It hurts to hear that people gave up on asking the government for help and hearing fake promises. And the chairman had this great idea of helping the community and bringing the people’s happiness back. I think this is a great idea and very thoughtful of spreading this organization to many countries and its goal to spread out all over the world.

COMD4900 Internship: Ethics in Graphic Design 2B

The Garcia Obama photo.

The Mr. Fairey was sued by the Associated Press in 2009 for copyright infringement for using a photo by AP photographer Mannie Garcia. I Believe that a lot of creatives had done and recreated images like this and did painting of this photograph and could have made the same mistake on not crediting the person. This is like when working on a paper and where you have to analyze an article, you are putting into your own words this article however that doesn’t mean that you didn’t take the idea from the article and inspiration from it you have to cite the article where you took the idea from.


The Hope poster by Shepard Fairey

The New York Times article mentions, “The parties also agreed to share the rights to make posters and merchandise bearing the ‘Hope’ image. Mr. Fairey maintained that he had never personally profited from sales of the image, a contention The A.P. disputed”. I think that Mr. Fairey was a very well known artists even if he wasn’t making money out of that piece he should had credited the photographer since he owned this image and even if he recreated the image as a whole he still used the source. This case made me realize how important it is as a creative person to not forget to give credit to the person you used a source from. Even if you got inspiration from their work, this could affect your career if you get involved in these kinds of issues.


COMD4900 Internship: Ethics in Graphic Design 2A

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When it comes to crediting the work that you use from someone else it is important to credit the person. It’s unethical for a professional to do a project of their own and even if you got inspiration from a person’s work you still have to give credit to the person because you are incorporating elements of that piece into your work. As a designer and illustrator I had done and work on pieces in which a lot of them i had source of inspiration. I had followed illustrators and their work in which I love their art style and the pieces they make like one time i was scrolling through instagram and i saw this illustration with a beautiful concept and I wanted to recreate the piece with my own style and posted in my page and give credit to the artist and she loved it . Also, creating a poster which involved photography, whenever I get to use a photo from a website giving credit to the person.

It’s very important and ethical to do and websites like Pexels and Unsplash to get stock images that are free to use by everyone. According to the AIGA article about photography, “Use of stock images avoids the many contractual issues that may arise when photography is done on assignment”. This demonstrates that when doing a project where you need to use photography there are many websites that offers free stock images which are taken by professionals and you have the right to use them and avoid any trouble you can get into by using a random photograph in the internet that is not in stock  and evades a problem on getting sue for stealing an photo.


COMD4900 Internship: Ethics in Graphic Design 1A

The company I am working with for this spring internship, so far my experience has been great. The company is a non-profit organization which helps build economically stable and sustainable communities. Each week a project is assigned, and it’s explained in detail through an app, all assignments were to be submitted remotely meeting the deadline. I believe that internship will help you grow your connections and meet people that will give you great opportunities in the future and when we talk about ethical guidelines

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My first task at the company, they showed me their current logo and their branding colors. From there each task that I was assigned to I have to incorporate their branding colors in the design and add their logo. In terms of sourcing images and the company trademarks and logos, I use free stock images and cannot use other designs but your own. It’s ethical if we are using an outside image, we give credit to the author. As the AIGA Design guidelines mentions about the Ethical Standards and a line that stood out for me was “A professional designer will clearly outline all intellectual property ownership and usage rights in a project proposal or estimate”. This demonstrates that a professional designer should clarify the usage rights of a project before it is published or handed in. However, for all the tasks that have been assigned to me, I create my own illustrations and design, as photographs I use stock images from websites. I think that applying this to all my work will succeed in the future and you don’t want someone to sue you because you didn’t give credit for the source you used and can affect your career.