6th Journal – 5th Week

One of the interns finally found a few more students I can record. They were able to come down to the floor where the AIR program is. Once I got done recording, went to start editing them.

Tammie the director of the program was always in meetings and not in her office a lot. It was hard to see her.

But started on one video at time. The macs were so slow to work with. Dealing with video you need a fast processor. And it would take forever to render the videos.

5th Journal- 4th Week

Back from thanksgiving break and had a good one. Now there’s a few weeks left of the semester. The macs now have After Effects on them so I can finish the first 2 I did.

Did one video at a time to add in the captions. Add the effects to the way the text would show up on the video.

Went out to try to get students to answer the questions. but nobody wants to be on camera or just didn’t have the time. Try to get some interns to help me but they had the same excuse.

4th Journal – 3rd Week

The last week before thanksgiving break. I was able to record 2 of my friends to answer the questions. The mac laptops that’s there to use, some don’t have internet and it has the adobe software but no after effects that I usually use for videos.

So they had to put in a ticket to have some of the laptops to get the software on them. But for now I used iMovie for some of the swipe effects, blue background, opening titles and editing down the videos.


3rd Journal – Week 2

Everyone in the office dressed formal and informal outfits. There was no rule about how to dress. Interns just wore relaxed and normal clothes. I wore everyday clothes, informal.

I realize I have to get used to coming to the internship straight from work twice a week and doing 5-6 hours. Then go back home in the Bronx to get some sleep and come back to work. I would get sleepy after being at the internship for a couple hours. I’d get breakfast on my way there and coffee. It would only help for a little while.

I had to start doing the videos. But I was told the other two interns I work with doesn’t record for me, I gotta record people myself. Then I started to ask some friends to help me out. I had to wait the following week because they were busy.

1st Journal

citytech_airThe AIR program looks to be pretty small. Not a lot of people work in the program. Mostly women work here. It’s located here at City Tech. AIR is a public program.

There’s a space outside the other offices where the women work. Two mac desktops where two interns can work on. And tables a few other interns have to share to do their work. About 4 other interns work there. 2 of them I have to work with to help on the videos and they work graphic designs for Tammie.


2nd Journal

Started my first day at the AIR program here at City Tech. Here to help edit videos of students who are asked “Why they chose City Tech?” and “Who’s their favorite professor and why?” Met with two other interns who have to record students in the school for me to edit. All I have to do is take out the background noise; if there’s any, add captions of the key words the students say and cut out unnecessary parts. It’s really easy what they need me to do.