5th Journal- 4th Week

Back from thanksgiving break and had a good one. Now there’s a few weeks left of the semester. The macs now have After Effects on them so I can finish the first 2 I did.

Did one video at a time to add in the captions. Add the effects to the way the text would show up on the video.

Went out to try to get students to answer the questions. but nobody wants to be on camera or just didn’t have the time. Try to get some interns to help me but they had the same excuse.

2nd Journal

Started my first day at the AIR program here at City Tech. Here to help edit videos of students who are asked “Why they chose City Tech?” and “Who’s their favorite professor and why?” Met with two other interns who have to record students in the school for me to edit. All I have to do is take out the background noise; if there’s any, add captions of the key words the students say and cut out unnecessary parts. It’s really easy what they need me to do.