14th Journal – Self Evaluation

If it were on a scale of 1-10, I’d rate myself at this a 7/10. If it were a grade, a B-. Some days I didn’t go cause I was tired but I would let Tammie know. I didn’t really socialize with any of the interns and workers there. I just focused on trying to get the internship done. Tammie didn’t really follow up on me about the videos. I don’t know why and never gave feedback. I wish she did. I did the best I could. I wish I knew to go to the clubs in the school to try to interview more people to get more videos. Maybe that would have satisfied Tammie more. If I had focused more on trying to get a good internship then maybe I wouldn’t have ended up there.

8th Journal – 7th week

This week Tammie had me sort out Christmas cards that was for almost every department in the school. Since there wasn’t much else to do she wanted me to help. She had me take the envelopes with the cards to every department office in the building. Walked around the whole school for about an hour even though it was time for me to go home so I can go to work later that day. Went to parts of the school I never been to before. I didn’t know what to say when I handed someone in the office the cards. Some people looked at me like I was crazy. I just said “hi, this is Christmas cards from the AIR program.” That was the best thing I could come up with.

6th Journal – 5th Week

One of the interns finally found a few more students I can record. They were able to come down to the floor where the AIR program is. Once I got done recording, went to start editing them.

Tammie the director of the program was always in meetings and not in her office a lot. It was hard to see her.

But started on one video at time. The macs were so slow to work with. Dealing with video you need a fast processor. And it would take forever to render the videos.

5th Journal- 4th Week

Back from thanksgiving break and had a good one. Now there’s a few weeks left of the semester. The macs now have After Effects on them so I can finish the first 2 I did.

Did one video at a time to add in the captions. Add the effects to the way the text would show up on the video.

Went out to try to get students to answer the questions. but nobody wants to be on camera or just didn’t have the time. Try to get some interns to help me but they had the same excuse.