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Currently, I am one of the Division Heads at the Liberty City Anime Convention, a non-profit event that supports anime, manga, and video games, as well as traditional and modern Japanese culture.  Sine 2015, conventions have been a huge success with unprecedented turnouts.  Now, in 2017, after years of growing events, we are able to book the Times Square Marriott Marquis.  My responsibilities include all things logistical, meaning I oversee equipment purchasing and storage, guest booking, staffing, marketing, obtaining sponsors, as well as run our social media accounts.

In addition to the annual event management I am a Program Support Clerk for a non-profit adoption and foster care agency in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.  This is a stressful and meticulous job that results in the safety and happiness of a child.

I love to please people, and I have a nose for what people like and dislike.  I work hard and I want my guest to benefit from my labor.

My goal, once I graduate with my BTech Degree in Hospitality Management, is to go global and plan international events in the Hotel and Resorts industry.






Kyle Joshua E-Profile

Hi my name is Kyle, I’m 21 years old and I’m a undergraduate transfer student from Long Island University majoring in hospitality management. I currently work for the Department of Environmental Protection as a city park worker and have worked in the retail industry for many years which gave me a decent amount of customer service skills. I want to utilize those skills and gain more knowledge on the hospitality industry, so I could meet me future goals of managing multiple high end hotels or casinos. Im interested in the casino becuase Im looking for an exciting and entertainng career, and I have a passion for helping people.

Pamela Salazar’s ePortfolios

Hello, my name is Pamela Salazar, I am a transfer student at New York City College of Technology. I am working towards getting my Associates Degree in Hospitality Management. I don’t have much experience in this industry, but I am striving to become a front desk manager at the Westin hotel. Becoming a front desk manager takes a great combination of efficiency, diligence, management, and organization skills. however, I am excited to learn the basics of ownership and leadership. Also, this program will help me build my social skills and be more open with others. My goal upon graduation is to become the best I can be at the front desk and have great satisfaction, which leads to guest loyalty.

Jessica Balatucan’s eProfile

As an art lover, I view cooking as an art form of itself. It is something I try to dedicate my life with and set a career path towards it. A goal of mine has also been becoming a pastry chef and I hope to become one after attaining my degree. I have past experience working in food service but I want to take on more responsibility in the industry. I am in school currently working on my Associates and after, work on my Bachelors’ degree. My commitment, adaptability, and creativity will help me strive to attain a degree in the culinary arts.