Hi, my name is Dennis Ulloa and really like to play videogames because it’s fun and to spend time with my friends. Videogames inspire me to study the concept of videogames because as a kid I really like the graphics and how it was design. However, I don’t know what I should be focus on because there are a lot of paths that involves with videogame. It doesn’t affect me to much because I’m enjoying what I’m learning, for example I enjoyed the programs Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe In design, and etc. I may not have the idea that I want to work on but I want to take my time to discover my career that I want to work.


As for me I am sometimes lucky because there would be a moment out of nowhere that something good can happen. However, it is a rare chance for that to happen. Also, I enjoy math because it seems to grab me  to understand more of the equation. Another, think I like to go fishing because it requires patience and determination to capture a fish and survive the motion sickness.