Dennis Ulloa


Field Trip Reported

printing machine 1

When I first saw the building, I was surprise how huge the building is. However, when I was inside going into the printing room it was wide and there was so many boxes around each station. The guy that was giving us the tour had a lot of information about printing from back then and now. Not only that he clearly explains each of the machine and how they work and what kind of materials that were made in that station. One of the machine that the tour explains how they could make the letter and it was able to make at least 100 in 10 seconds. Also, there was a moment were one of the envelope got and the person operating stop everything to check on what happen, he took out the envelope and replace it with a new envelope. Then he Manual check slowly to see it can operate it at max speed.

Prnting machine 2

Another equipment that interested me is that they had the classic old printing machine that was use back in the day. When I saw that machine I believe that back then it took a lot of work to be able to print out the paper. Not only that how dangerous it is because there might be a chance that they lost some fingers due to the machine. Now looking what we had now it is still a problem to look o ut for.

Printing machine 3

Another machine that interested me was were the guy showed us he wanted to cut out a Stack of paper. This machine was able to cut out a stack of paper and it was able to do it with no problem. Not only that it has function were it can see someone’s hand so it won’t automatically cut it out. I like the machine because it has a safety mechanism so the user won’t lose a hand.