Happy City Team Reflection


This is a critical item that will be guiding our design mainly because the site is on a waterfront and will be the first to sustain damage from incoming storms.

The population will know they are safe which will give them a sense of security thus making them happy.


The goal is to easily guide the inhabitants of our site through the created paths in the neighborhood by creating tighter shorter streets and encouraging bicycles usage and implementing a main road though the site.

The population will be more interactive and usage of bicycles and accessible walking paths will make the population healthier through daily exercise.

Green Spaces

we will be adding public green spaces and private green spaces to improve irrigation throughout the site.

This will allow for more clean breathable air, through recycling dirty air from the city to make it clean for the inhabitants.

Multi-Use buildings

A mix of usage in buildings to add variety and add to the neighborhood’s infrastructure.

The population will feel they have control over the neighborhood or community by implementing little family owned stores, and bringing people together.


Green roofs, reduced run off and water usage, improve irrigation, add sustainable practices.

Decreasing waste through constant recycling of food, energy and water for irrigation. Implementing affordable materials through the construction of the neighborhood to reduce living cost.

Gathering Space

Add Squares, Parks, community center, library art galleries and shops.

Make sure the community interacts with each other by implementing gathering space to welcome neighborhoods in the community to encourage the feeling of safety and togetherness. 

Hadiza D.  Horacio M.  Manu S.  Yuhui O.

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