Project Venus & Adonis Completed

It has been a week since we spray painted the Venus and Adonis and it came out so good it looks like there was any work done to it. The only problem we had that one can spray paint she purchased was not pearl white more like cream white which meant it came out dark than bright so we apply a new coat of paint just for those part of the wing. Here is a photo of the end result of Venus and Adonis. This was the best work I ever did because they trust me that much to help on one of there sculpture. Not many artists would allow people to help or touch their artwork. To me, that was a great honor.

This was photograph at the Taradash Studio.

7th Instagram Post and Venus & Adonis Progress

Today I went to the studio to work on the touch up for Venus and Adonis with my supervisor. She taught me a new trick that if we use sandpaper 600 it is the finest sandpaper and if we wet it in warm water we can San off the paint from the birds this is what she calls the pieces to her sculptures. I took almost 4 hours took clean the 3 birds. She tells me later in the week we need to tape the wings of the birds because they are getting painted different colors. Later that day we went back to the home office and posted more of her work she wanted to post a collage of her sculptures because they were a series. Here is a photo collage.

This is a photo collage that I design for an Instagram post.

Beginning Project Venus & Adonis Restoration

Today I have a total of 75 hours for the internship. My supervisor told me to meet her at the studio. So I am the studio she and her husband are waiting for someone to pick up her sculpture of To Be and they are dropping off Venus and Adonis. I saw Venus and Adonis for the first time it was amazing even though it was outside it was in good condition. Just need a new coat of paint. So she asked me to help her with the touch work on this sculpture. I was so excited to be able to restore a metal sculpture. They are both great people I am learning a lot from them. So far I really have nothing bad to say. I also have a photo of the flyer that Raymond and I created together and my laser cut file example that they cut the demo.

Both photos were photograph by me.

Laser Cutter & Learning Rhino Program

Later in the week Raymond and I met in city tech to work on the flyer. So I gave him the text to put on the flyer and he shows me his progress so far. It was ok but now since he has the correct text he is able to work better. For a while, I was working on the side project of the laser cut file for the supervisor. And it came out great she told me to meet her tomorrow and to bring the file to her laser demo. I also created a how-to guide if her students want to make or use the laser cutter that is offered at city tech. It was really interesting to work on the flyer but I enjoy myself working on the laser cut file.

This is a photo of the rhino program layout that I photograph .

My ISDay Flyer Project

Today I went to the home office and today my supervisor told me that has an assignment for me to do. It is to create an ISDay flyer for the upcoming event. She also told that she also have to other interns working for her. She told they are both from city tech just like. She told me their names and email address to contact if we needed to discuss the flyer. We each have different photos but the supervisor and I created the text that would go on the flyer. The supervisor gave me permission that we as interns can meet offsite to work on the flyer together. She had a side project for because I am good with the rhino program. She needs me to make a geometric template for her laser demo for the class she teaches at city tech. She gave a guide just in case I get confused. Later this week I send an email blast to the intern that we should meet up and work on the flyer. Only one intern responded which was Raymond. So he and I agree to meet this week to work together on the flyer.

First Instagram Post

This time my supervisor needs my help with her plan to put her photos of her sculptures on social media. She told me that she has accounts for Facebook and Instagram but she need help to get more people to view her works. So I told her about hashtags and how this can help target a specific audience. So show her my Instagram as an example and how I put the hashtag on a post. She was excited that she had me to help her with her social media. She said that she can’t post every day because she just wants to show her completed works. I told her that is ok but we should try to post it once a week to keep our audience attention. She agrees with me and told me what she wanted post which was a photo of her sculpture call Going Forth. So we both came up with the description for the sculpture so people understand why it was created.

This is a screenshot from my phone.

My Day at the Studio

On my next visit, I was told to meet my supervisor at the studio. When I enter the studio I saw one of the big metal sculpture that she told me about. It was called moving forward. It was 2 long metal pole twisted and in between, they are two twirl metal plate that moves if the windblown at them. She later introduces me to her husband who is the man behind all the metal welding in her sculptures. She designs the sculpture and he would plan out the build of the sculpture. They both are very nice and able to work well together.

They have been working together for over 20 years.  They ask me if I know how to sand metal. I told them that I have sand wood but not metal. So she handed me a piece of metal and sandpaper to see what I know. They were surprised that I know how to sand in the same direction because that is the correct way to do it. Then she asks me to help sand one of her small sculpture. She told me to sand the side and the base of the sculpture. So that my first day at the studio it was very productive and fun to work with such talented people.

My First Intership

Hi my name is Daniel Rodríguez and I am interning with a metal sculpture or they call it the Taradash Studio. She has a home office and a studio where she creates her metal sculptures. She creates her sculptures for outdoor display because she creates artworks that move with the wind and the light.



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