Journal 5

At my internship, I worked on a few collaborative projects. They were all successful because we were able to share files and information efficiently through using a group account with Dropbox and through verbal communication. Some collaborative projects I participated in where creating a promotional video called “Clean the streets”, and a community outreach promotion called Tiny house built project. An example of a collaborative project is communicating and working with one or more people to complete a task. What made the promotional video project successful was because of the communication with my partner. We both organized our files onto our company’s Dropbox account in a folder for both of us to use and easily find. This made life so much easier because when one of us wasn’t at work, we were able to find and work on the project at ease. So our boss checked and critiqued both individuals work on the project and was satisfied with the results.

Collaborative project I helped edit.

Thank you,

Darius Richards



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