Journal 4

At this internship, I feel like I am learning a lot in my field of the study. I feel a lot of people think that graphic design only pertains to designing flyers and brochures but that’s not entirely true. Graphic Design can be very broad and there are so many other important skills that fall into that field of study. At this internship I came not just enhancing my postproduction, animation and research skills. My boss has motivated me on my professionalism and showing me how important it is to articulate and market oneself correctly. Understanding how important it is to be on time, to proofread your emails and projects before sending it to a client. Understanding the information that you’re articulating to your client, and to not be intimidated by your higher ups but respecting their position in the company. At this job, what I am learning that pertains to my field is marketing strategies, animation, postproduction, research strategies and CAD software (3D design). Occasionally I answer the phone when my supervisor is not available to pick up, and take down the person’s name, number and company association to send to my boss. However, my typical day is checking my email and completing tasks that my boss offers me.

Some of the research and labeling work I had to do. It’s not focused on design but it did help me work on my grammer and research skills. Also, on my organization and consistency skills.


Thank you,

Darius Richards



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