Journal 2

My job position at RPGA studios is a Graphic Designer. My role is being a reliable asset creating promotional videos, animation, applying marketing tactics, networking with clients, and researching information on important projects. My supervisor name is Yvonne Shortt, and she is the founder and owner of RPGA studios. I came to finding this site through an internship program called Cuny Service Corp. Cuny Service Corp works with students in Cuny schools to provide paid job opportunities and experience to build their skills in their major field. Obtaining this job was a process and I had to attend multiple workshops, job fairs, and face-to-face interviews with a variety of company’s. I interviewed with one person from the company and it took roughly three weeks for them to get back to me about my opportunity. Some of the questions they asked me at the interview were if I was reliable, punctual with attendance, and comfortable with working independently in a quiet space. Also, they informed me that if I was to come into a problem, try to figure it out on my own before asking her for help. She really encourages her interns to think independently. Luckily I was able to snag this job doing work that I am interested in because a lot of people I know that’s in the program do not receive a job pertaining to their field.

A collaborated video I helped edit at my internship.

Thank you,

Darius Richards


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