Journal 3

The culture of the company is laid back, quiet, and friendly environment. The dress code at my workplace is informal attire. The employees can wear anything they want as long as it’s not inappropriate. Even though were allowed to wear whatever we want I still sometimes go to work with slacks and a button up shirt. My typical workstation is an open work area at desk surrounded by my co-workers and supervisor. We all work in one room, one space. Every Tuesday I work 8 hours a day. A typical workday as an intern is that we come in and get settled. We then check our company email and receive task from our boss on what to do. We then have a lunch break between 1pm to 3pm. We decide which time we want to take our lunch. The lunch break is usually a haft an hour. After lunch we finish our task, and go over the completed task once we’re done. If critiques and edits are needed our boss would let us know. If we finish early our boss will figure out what other tasks needs to be worked on.

Thank you,

Darius Richards


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