My Most Important Project

Most of my projects were info fliers and fliers for events and a few charts. But out of all my projects, the most interesting one was when I designed IFCC’s annual, final report. Apparently annual report can be vary fancy in design and my supervisor, Angelica, wanted to put a new spin on IFCC’s report. I had to do a lot of research for this one. I looked up the annual reports for other companies like Sesame Street and the Environmental Protection Agency. I used a lot of circles and bubble like designs with this one since it seemed popular on my other designs.

Here are the cover and the first pages of the final report I designed. Sadly, my supervisor didn’t have the content ready so right now it’s just place holder text. This project was vary interesting because it seemed more official and serious compared to the fliers I had to design, I did about three different designs for this and was communicating back and forth with my supervisor to get this to how she wanted it. I learned while designing this how to work based on feedback from others. I also learned how to be more independent and not ask for permission for every change I made. I also learned how to organize my work better and how to really back up my work. This project was the longest I have worked on, but it was also the most challenging and most fun project I had designed