A Mentor

One of the people I most enjoyed working with, besides my supervisor, is a women name Zoraima Rolon. I think she would be a good mentor figure in the workplace for a few reasons. She had a good work ethic, there wasn’t a time when she wasn’t working on something. She never seemed to be overwhelmed and was extremely organized. She also gave good advice on what to do when I wasn’t sure about something. During a time when I didn’t have any design projects for the week, she told me I should talk to my supervisor, even though I was worried about be demanding and bothering her, Zoraima said I should bother her, because if I didn’t, then I would get anything done. She was vary cooperative with everyone else in the office space, and was helpful. She seemed to have experience in everything and was able to jump on to help others around her. And, even though she didn’t work on design or gave me assignments, she would comment on my work on how to make it better for the providers that would see it to understand. All in all, Zoraima taught me to be flexible and organized and helpful so make, not only my own job, but the jobs of others working along with me, easier.