Being Lent Out

PDI has more departments then just IFCC, and since they are all under the same institute they also share resources between department. As the only design student I was also seen as a resource so I helped out in other department. Because of this I sometime had as many as five projects to do at once. One of the project I worked on for another department was simply redesigning info fliers and charts for the Career Development Center (CDC)








There wasn’t anything especially new that I had learned while working on this project but it was a bit different then what I had experienced so far in my internship. My supervisor didn’t really know what I was doing for this project. She basically gave me permission to work on any projects for other department that I wanted. It was up to me to make sure I didn’t get overwhelmed with work. For this project I met the other department supervisor in a conference room. We had set a meeting time the week before so this felt vary official to me. The meeting was simple, the supervisor told me what she needed to be change and gave me creative freedom to do what I want as long as it looked nice. Another thing that was different in this experience was that I also had other projects that I had to work on. This is where I learned the most about time management and prioritizing. I had to decide how many projects to do in my shift, who’s project I should work on first and and also how I should send them the files. I also had to make the fliers and charts in PDF files so that the supervisor can change and ad information as needed. The best part is that that department will probably be using my designs for a long time and just changing the text to fit what they need.