Self Evaluation

Through out my time in my internship I think I did really well. I tried to be as helpful as possible with more than just my design work and I got many thanks for it. A few people had even offered to write recommendations for me which I have in my emails. I wished I had more varying design projects. Most of it was all the same so I wasn’t really able to be as creative as I wanted. I don’t think there was anything I could of really done better, I put myself out there and offered myself for whatever they needed and finished my projects all on time within a day or two. I was at the office a lot and was always on time. I always answer emails and I helped prepare for events and classes, even if it was only setting up give away bags. Over all I think the only thing I could have really improve on was my design work and learning my way around the office better. My experience at IFCC was fun and informative, I think I’m a bit more prepared for design work at a real job or in an office from working there. I had a fun time and although it wasn’t as interesting of a design internship as I had hoped, I really liked the employees and those I worked. I think it was because of them that I was able to enjoy my internship.