Welcome! Introduction

My name is Joy and I invite you into my dental hygiene experience! myFace2

New York City College of Technology Evening Dental Hygiene Program is a rigorous but satisfying curriculum that thoroughly prepares the dental hygiene student for the real world of the dental practices. Working with patients at the City Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic for the last 2 years has taught me to apply the educational portion of the curriculum to patients and provide them with dental education and therapeutic services.

I have performed extraoral and intraoral cancer screenings, dental prophylaxis on adults and children, periodontal root planning and scaling and applied Arestin to periodontal pockets and reevaluation. I have applied sealants, fluoride and air polishing (prophy jet) , took alginate impressions, pour models and applied periodontal dressings. Taking radiographs (x-rays) both bisecting and parallel techniques were also learned and exercised. I utilized the Midwest and Diagnodent for caries detection.

Within this ePortfolio, you were learn about my work and educational experiences and review my clinic journals and my class presentations. My resume is also posted,

So, again I would love to Welcome you to my Dental Hygiene Student ePortfolio and take an inside look at my journey into becoming a registered dental hygienist!