Can you feel the beat? Legato vs. Stecatto.

For the stecatto version of the linework that i did i decided to listen to Avril Lavinges new song Rock N roll and when i listened to the song i felt like i was in some awesome powerpuff  show! I felt estatic like i wanted to jump up and dance and thats how steccato is supposed to make you feel. As for legato i listened to Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey  and it made me think about memories that i had with different people and throughout high school expieriences. I felt like i was reliving every single memory listening to the song. Some songs like these just make you think about thoughts you may not want to think about but hey its awesome because it make you think about yourself too ion  a way when you actually sit and listen to the beats and the lyrics of the song carefully.

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