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A View From My Window.

924What i see out my window you may ask? Well i can just say the typical thing like a street, people, and trees. But that’s not just what i actually see. When i look through my window i see the sky. There are usual mixtures of blues and tints of grey along with brightness from the sun. Out my window i also see trees  in front and of buildings. The trees stand tall and mighty  with its green crisp leaves that are ready to start turning colors any minute. The trees bark is the same color throughout with brown  with streaks of black and tints of green. Then we move from the trees to the streets with its grey pavement. Prints of leaves and names are embedded, almost fossil like. Finally there are the buildings. They’re so old and vintage, that its structure and texture can compare to a brownstone but instead of stairs leading to single door these have double. The colors of the buildings usually mix with off-white and burgundy detailed with vines crawling up the side. This is what i see out my window.