General Business Dining Rules


  • No one likes to be kept waiting so you should always arrive on time. If there was any type of delay (traffic, construction, or if alarm didn’t go off, etc.) you should always contact the person (or people) your meeting and let them know before hand, whether it’s 10 minutes or even an hour. Keep in mind that you should always have extra time before going to the interview, meeting, or anything in particular. If it takes 30 minutes to reach the restaurant, give yourself at least extra 15 minutes. You don’t know what you’ll encounter that day.

Greetings and Introductions

  • When you’re meeting someone and you’re sitting down, out of respect you should greet them first by stand up, smiling, and while shaking their hand, repeat their name. (Don’t forget a good handshake is a firm handshake)
  • If you’re the one inviting someone (whether it’s a client, or future coworker) to a fancy dinner make sure to introduce yourself and the others that are with you. Make sure to explain who you and the others are, and use their full names. They might not want to be called by their first name.


  • When ordering don’t take a long time to order because others might be waiting. Make sure to order simply and ignore hard to eat and messy foods like spaghetti, and ribs. You’ll look very unattractive and unprofessional.


  • When you’re finished with your course, leave your plates the same way it was positioned in the beginning. So don’t stack or push them away. As for your utensils, place them upwards. (Look at your plate like a clock, place your knife and fork position up, right next to each other on 4 and 5.)

Paying the bill

  • Don’t argue over who is paying for the bill. If someone invited you, therefore they are treating you. However, don’t just sit there and have them take out their card or money to pay for your course, it’s still nice to offer to pay for the bill. If they decline, then just simply thank them. Also, remember to tip your waiter appropriately: 18%-20% for moderate service and excellent service. The same goes for you, if you’re the host. If a guest offers to pay, kindly decline because you’re the one who invited the guest.

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