Preparing a Final Course Portfolio


Professor Rodgers

College Writing


The Final Course Portfolio is a way for you to review all of the work that you have done this semester, revise some of it, reflect on it, and show me the progress you have made with your understanding of the various elements of college writing.  While all of the assignments and essays that we have worked on this semester have been important, the final course portfolio gives you an opportunity to see how the various assignments and essays fit together and to archive the work that you have done this semester so you can refer to it and use it in the future.

You can submit your Final Course Portfolio in print or electronically via your Open Lab ePortfolio.  However, please choose one, either print or electronic.  Your ability to clearly organize and present your work is part of what will be assessed in this project, which is why it is important that you carefully compile this document and make it as user friendly as possible.  Below, you will find a table of contents for the Course Portfolio.  Please organize your materials accordingly.  If you are missing any materials, that is fine, but I would appreciate it if you could include a sheet indicating that this work is missing.

Final Course Portfolio Table of Contents

  1. Letter to Prof. Rodgers reflecting on your writing and work this semester: What have you learned about college writing?  What do you still need/want to learn about college writing?  What did we do in this class that was most useful to you? What do you plan to do with your writing?  Please describe one or two possible reading/writing projects that you’d like to undertake over the summer.
  2. Letter to Future Students of Prof. Rodgers’ Writing Courses regarding what you feel these students should know about college writing
  3. Revised Source Overview Essay with Annotated Bibliography
  4. Revised Argumentative Response Essay
  5. Revised Literacy Narrative Essay
  6. RWAs that you like or that you feel represent your best work or that are late and that you’d like to receive credit for
  7. GAs that you like or that you feel represent your best work or that are late and that you’d like to receive credit for
  8. Learning Journal
  9. Class Notes
  10. Earlier Drafts of Source Overview (including completed Research Source Worksheets) and Literacy Narrative Essays

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