Weekly Assignments

  • Each week, I will ask you to do four things:
  • 1/  Complete one to two Learning Journal (LJ) Assignments.  You are the only audience for these assignments.  They are, however, required, and they will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • 2/ Complete one or more Group Assignments (GA), which will require that you contribute one or more BLOG POSTS to our Open Lab site or interact virtually with your classmates in some other way.  Blog posts will be read by our entire class and will be graded.  DUE DATE: MUST BE POSTED BY MONDAY AT MIDNIGHT.
  • 3/ Complete one to two Reading and Writing Assignments (RWA), which, DEPENDING ON THE ASSIGNMENT, you will submit in one of two ways:  a/ by submitting the assignment via Blackboard, or b/ by printing out a copy and handing it in to me.  If printer access is an issue for you, please come talk to me. DUE DATE: BEGINNING OF EACH WEDNESDAY IN-PERSON CLASS MEETING.
  • 4/ Check in to our course Open Lab site at least THREE separate times a week and respond at least ONCE to blog posts by other students

All assignments for the course will be found on our course web site:  http://www.digitalcomposition.org/course-outlines/rodgerscollegewritingfall2017


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