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GA13/RWA13: Drafting and Revising Your Overview of Sources Essay

Please bring a working draft of your Overview of Sources essay to our class next Wednesday, December 6. We will be dedicating half of our class session to peer review. I have also posted guidelines for preparing your Final Course … Continue reading

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Preparing a Final Course Portfolio

FINAL COURSE PORTFOLIO Professor Rodgers College Writing PREPARING YOUR FINAL COURSE PORTFOLIO: Due Wednesday, December 13, 2017 The Final Course Portfolio is a way for you to review all of the work that you have done this semester, revise some … Continue reading

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GA13/RWA13: Drafting an Overview of Sources Essay

Dear Students, I hope you had a very good holiday. For our class on Wednesday, November 29, please bring a printed copy of RWA12: Annotated Bibliography, and all of your research materials. We will be drafting RWA13, the Overview of … Continue reading

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Wednesday, Nov. 22: Professor Rodgers is ill and our in-person class session is cancelled

Dear Students, I am ill, and, as a result, we will not be meeting as a class in-person this afternoon. I am very sorry to have to cancel this class. However, I have no doubt that we can make up … Continue reading

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GA12: Post One Paragraph

Please review your revised Argumentative Response Essay (RWA9) and select one paragraph from the essay that you would like us to discuss as a class. Since, most recently, we have been focusing on using and writing about textual evidence in … Continue reading

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GA11: What Is a Bibliography? What are In-Text and Bibliographic Citation Styles?

Please respond to the following questions as a reply to this blog post: What is your discipline or major? Do you know which style guidelines (MLA/APA/Other?) are used in your discipline/major? If not, how might you find out? Post the … Continue reading

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Technologies and Literacies: Some Useful Sources

Citation:  ARTICLE Uses and effects of mobile computing devices in K-8 classrooms Karen Swan, Mark van ‘t Hooft, Annette Kratcoski, and Darlene Unger.Journal of Research on Technology in Education. 38.1 (Fall 2005) p99. Word Count: 5742. Learning From High School Students’ Lived Experiences … Continue reading

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GA10: Questions About Developing Research Questions and College Research Projects 

Please post your questions about the College Research Process and Developing Research Questions as a comment to this post.  Please also respond to at least one question by one of your classmates. For our class next Wednesday, you will be … Continue reading

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