Carol Diamond |D054 |Spring 2023

Suraj Jagmohan – Project 1

For my final piece, The design is based off of a song I really enjoy listening too called It’s not living(if its not with you) by The 1975 which the song is personifying the use of a drugs as an actual person. And the song describes the relationship between the lead singer and drugs, which was a spiraling addiction. Hence throughout my piece I used lines.

The lines within the piece signify patterns of waves, ups and downs, a spiral, things that would normally be associated with, when you think of drugs. Everything within the patterns have a significant meaning, waves would be the affects the drug has, ups and downs in the line would be getting off the drugs, and the drugs coming back.

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  1. caroldiamond

    just one more thing. please next time edit your photos for brightness and get the yellow out. thanks.

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