I thought out of all the designs I had, this represented the most about me. The colors I chose were red signifying energy, love, and passion. Blue for peace, tranquility, and trust. Yellow for brightness, hope, and happiness. I made these colors have a lower value because they represent the introverted and quiet side of me. On the left side, I made a green circular pattern that represents an authentic look from Mexico, and in the middle of it, I have a swirl pattern that is darkened black to signify power/mystery. This part was at first the lens of a camera but I simplified it down to just that since the lens of the camera is the most important part of photography. It captures all of what you want in the frame but to you, the image means more than what it’s literally expressing. In the center of the flag, I have a silhouette of an eagle that is representing pride, longevity, and foresight. This is usually what I think of when having to make more important decisions in life by taking the time to choose something that I care for and something that would last long.