Cover of MAP OF THE SOUL 7: The Journey that dropped in 2020Visual: The open door is a positive space with flowers around it and a black background.
This symbol represents BTS, the K-pop group and the flowers represent hope and peace is near.

Demiromantic asexual flag:
Demiromantic: someone who only develops romantic feelings for another person when they have a strong emotional connection to them.
“The thick white stripe might symbolize sexuality, agender identity, intersexuality, transitioning, genderlessness, or being outside the straight-gay and male-female binaries, the gray could represent gray-aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum, the black could represent sexualities, and the green could represent demiromanticism and aromanticism.”
Asexual: a person who has no sexual feelings or desires, or who is not sexually attracted to anyone.
Purple represents the ace community”The black stripe represents asexuality, the grey stripe represents the grey-area between sexual and asexual, the white stripe sexuality, and the purple stripe community.”

Hieroglyphs: Hieroglyphs and what they represent

Deliver: Final


I made my flag simple by using solid background color and a complex silhouette of a wolf with wings. I wanted to background to be solid because it would distract the main focus which is the wolf. I also wanted it to be readable. I have a fursona and it’s a wolf with wings. I was going to choose to draw a skull and wings because my persona is also a skeleton. As shown I chose a wolf because it just connected to my childhood and who I want to be. A wolf is seen as the leader and always in packs. If a wolf is a loner they are bound to not make it out alive. I chose to create a silhouette of a wolf running with its wings spread out. I took inspiration from flag designs with birds. The birds always had their wings spread out and it represented pride, confidence, and freedom. Also, the flags would have a background like the ocean or blue background. I also was thinking about when we spoke about designing something based on our Zodiac sign. I am an Aquarius so that’s why I stuck with a monochrome blue. The darker blue in the middle makes the complex silhouette pop out more. My fit was flipped the background would be eye-catching and seem like the wolf with wings hidden in the dark.