Color-Palettes- Atmospheric Landscape

Grids and Scales- Color Theory

Research – Atmospheric Landscapes, thumbnail sketches,

Process – design, and paint

Color Palettes Continued: Abstract Painting


Sonia used a lot of geometric shapes and had them cross each other. The shapes of colors do not mix when they cross each other. They just create contrast and they don’t clash or mix into a different color.


Project 4 Color Painting was fun and challenging. I think I ran into more challenges in this project than in the last. I am not good at judging what colors to use in a specific area to create some atmosphere. I am weak in that area. But the challenge did make me think about the placement of color, shape, negative space, and positive space. For my next project, if there is any color we will be using I will keep in mind the complementary, tertiary, analogous, monochrome, and achromatic.

Color Documentary:

Color can set the mood and tell a story. Maybe Dark blues create tension or it’s very cold in the scene. Dark red can be spooky and mysterious. pink and cyan and white can give a joyful and fun mood. It also depends on how much of the color takes shape, space, and form in the frame.