Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Sierra Macon-Value Painting

Gordon Parks was an African-American journalist, writer, director, and composer who broke new ground in a largely white-dominated creative world. Parks’ work can aid to generate positive emotions, compassion, and expression. The photographs in this collection demonstrate the strength of Parks’ artistic voice. His photographs are definitely memories of particular moments in time. Parks’ images, were taken decades ago, capture characters and express concerns and concepts that still resonate with us today. Film noir is a cinematic style marked by dramatic lighting effects, many flashbacks, complex narratives, and an underlying melancholy philosophy.

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  1. carol Diamond

    Hi Sierra,
    Nice job getting through this challenging process! The paint has a strong opaque solid feel. I would study more closely the darker accents that seem to be missing around the eyes, under your nose and chin. Some highlights too, on the lips and nose and eyeglasses, could help create contrast and clarity. Thanks

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