Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Massiel’s Pattern Mashup

Final Reflection:

This was an exciting project, I listen to music all the time to draw. However, it never occurred to me to draw it’s rhythm/melody. There was a lot of freedom for this project and was a unique and a fun challenge. I learned that using the grid layout is useful in providing organization and clarity in your work. And also that everyday patterns can be used as rhythm when drawing. The song I used for this project is called Once-Colored Memories Dragonspine Genshin Impact OST.

Once-Colored Memories | Dragonspine Genshin Impact OST – YouTube

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  1. Lizbeth Vargas

    Your reflection shows how you understood the assignment and also learned that visuals can represent rhythm. From the Discover to the Final you have refined and found patterns that represent the music you were listening to. This music sounds calm and melodic. Like looking back in the past. The simple shapes that unify and run together with shadows as the texture show this. If I were to give any advice it would be the textures in the final piece. The textures don’t look like textures but more like a gray flat box. Next time try darkening areas to contrast and show its texture. Your rubbings show there are lighter areas and darker areas try to copy that. Other than that the piece is really successful in showing its slow pace calm rhythm.

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