Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Curious Composition

For my mind map, I drew somethings that is messy showed what interests and activates my curiosity. The elements I drew were about questions (mostly love), sports, and nature. These topics interest me the most because there’s always something new to learn about a sport, there’s always something new being discovered in nature, and there’s always questions being asked in my head. These ideas stand out to me because these concepts spark my interest and it makes me think which causes me to try to find a solution, try it out, or learn more on the topic. When it comes to questions I think a lot about religion and what people believe in. Another big one for me would be love. I don’t really know why this is a question I constantly have but it’s always there. Nature always has something new and interesting happening or being discovered. To me, sports are a form of art, music, complicated puzzles, and strategy.

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  1. caroldiamond

    Hi Carlos, thanks for posting – I really like the development of your ideas, sketches and final compositions. Very convincing use of Stable and Ambiguous figure/ground compositions. Please add a final reflection on the process, it can be as a comment or in the post itself. Also, PLEASE work on the photographs to get much lighter, well cropped images. Article below is helpful and tips from photoshop I shared in class. Proper Documentation is important. This is not just you – all students need to take more time on this aspect. Thanks!

    9 Common Mistakes when Photographing your Artwork with an iPhone (and how to fix them)

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