Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Rian Dowridge’s Curious Composition

Curiosity Explanation:

The world we live in is so vast and unknown that when I hear the word “curiosity”, so many things come to mind. Music, life and travel are the three topics that peak my curiosity the most based on my life experiences. Growing up, my mom always tried to take me to new places. She always told me that she believed it was important for a child to experience traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures. Experiencing those trips with my mom is what started my love for traveling. Now I’m always looking for an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. I know that the popular saying is “you only live once” but I don’t like to look at life that way. I’d change that saying to “you only die once” because we live everyday. Growing up in a Christian household, I was taught to believe that when you die based on the actions you took during your lifetime, you either go to Heaven or Hell. However, as I got older, I became more open minded to other belief systems. Growing up in a Caribbean household, I’ve always been around music, but I didn’t start appreciating music until my first year of college upstate. I was dealing with a lot of personal and family issues and music helped me overcome that rough patch in life. Ever since then, my interest in music increased daily.

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  1. caroldiamond

    Hi Rian, I love that comment about “you only die once but you live every day”. wow that is profound. When I experienced a loved one dying and how important my part in helping the death be peaceful, I realized too that “you only die once” and so we need to make it as loving and peaceful for those around us. But living every day and feeling alive is a daily quest. The work keeps improving and while the Ambiguous designs I would not say are fully ambiguous and could use more off the edge cropping and inversion of black and white shapes (black in background too), you’ve made great improvement in understanding how to create abstraction and to communicate ideas through design.

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