Here you will find an assemblage of work which showcases Hueston’s learning over the course of her undergraduate college years. Included in this electronic portfolio is also her Resume, Cover Letter and some individual work that she has completed. You will get to know Danielle Hueston as a brand and business professional.


Color psychology is a major component in how others view a brand. This is because there is a correlation between colors in relation to human behavior (Ferreira, 2019). Although it may not seem like it, colors all have individual meanings and knowing the meanings can be beneficial for building a strong brand. Hueston chose brown as a staple in her logo because it is a natural color that signifies strength and reliability (2019). It also is associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety, all things which she values and showcases throughout her work (2019). Hueston chose gray because it represents neutrality and balance (2019). Balanced and neutral are great ways to describe Hueston as a person. The font is Serif which is known as traditional, timeless, respectable, formal and stable (Digital Synopsis, 2020). All characteristics Hueston believes are essential for any business professional.


Danielle Hueston’s mission is to constantly strive at becoming her best self, in the workplace as well as mentally, physically and emotionally. She will do this through hard work and dedication towards her goals. In the workplace she will strive to add value to her company by improving the efficiency of procedures, helping to solve problems, reducing workloads and providing good customer service.   She also hopes to serve as a leader through her creative and innovative ideas and be beneficial to whatever team she is a part of. To accomplish her mission she plans on continuing her education past her undergraduate degree and receiving a Master’s and possibly a even Doctorate degree. With more knowledge comes more value. She also plans on utilizing her internships and the people she has met with more experience in her interest industry to her advantage. She is aware that these people can educate her on the best and easiest ways to accomplish important and necessary tasks in her field. She also knows that the tasks she performs at her internships are helping mold and prepare her even bigger tasks, she will be given in her future.