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Type Challenge 1

 Exercise in Typography

1.Set your name in three case configurations: initial cap, lowercase, uppercase. The two Initial combination: caps and lowercase

Your Name
your name

2. Using InDesign create an 11×17 document
Place your words within oversized bounding boxes that will allow their letters to get bigger or smaller
Also, to help streamline the upcoming exploratory work, place your set of words in the upper left corner of a relatively large document.

3. Search through your font menu to see which ones might work best
You should have 30 or more typeface variations
Make copies of the words you typed in the previous step going through your font list from top to bottom, and applying any that seem like they have the slightest chance of working out.
You’ll come across clear and expected winners, and other times you’ll discover unexpected choices that offer themselves irresistibly well to what you’re designing.
If a certain font looks good, keep it within your document and move on to additional possibilities.
You’ll have a document that you can conveniently refer to—and sample from—when you begin assembling your logo or word graphic.

4. Save your work to class OpenLab create a new post page named:
Firstname last name Type Challenge 1
Give it Category “Type Challenge 1”
insert jpg of you explorations “last name_Firstname_typeC1.jpg”