“Type is a beautiful group of letters,   
       not a group of beautiful letters.”
-Matthew Carter

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This site was created  as part of an Open Educational Resources Fellowship  under the auspices of City University of New York, New York City College of Technology. It was developed utilizing City Tech’s  OpenLab initiative by  Professor  John Battista De Santis.

As City Tech’s Department of Communications Design  OER initiative, this site will continue to evolve and expand. We welcome  faculty input and OER content participation and  submissions.

Course Description

Advanced typographic design principles. Typographic applications for web design, print and motion graphics are explored, as well as integration of design and production in the laboratory.

Course Objectives

This course focuses on typography design methods in an on the job environment. We will cover how to effectively create, present and communicate typographical solutions and projects to clients. The student will learn how to market and present themselves to prospective clients and or art directors. The design process and how to incorporate typography to the final objectives will be stressed under the same constraint of a potential work environment.


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