Project 5


“2427 Eats” Website

Homepage Design
Create a static homepage layout mockup for the
2427 Eats Publication

Research some examples of restaurant guide sites
Make a new post named: “last name_Firstname Project 5”, categorize  it Project 5.

Homepage design using
InDesign 1200 px x 900 px

Users should know what the site is about and where calls to action are immediately.
With typography hierarchy, layout, you can guide users in the direction you want them go.
Remember design principles such as alignment, proportion and white space when working with type.
Type is more effective than anything else to get your message across on the web .


Design Resources

Indesign Wireframe tools

Homepage Sketch File

12 colum grid

Creative Brief Sample

 Pinterest Page Web Design

InDesign Tools

Indesign Wire Frame Web Design Guide:
InDesign User Guide:

Creative Cloud Libraries

Grid Design Guide:

Guide to use of grid for web

Restaurant  Sites

Web Typography

Type Web Sites


Web Design Sites

Free to script to save InDesign files as a layered PSD.

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