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Type Challenge Thread/Styles


Master Pages and Style sheets

Step 1: Create an Indesign File

Name it “lastname first name _masterThreadTC”
your file should be set up
File >New >Facing Pages >
Size: 5.5×8.5 inches.

Step 2: Design your pages create Paragraph styles

Step 3: Create New Master Spreads based on design
Layout master

Step 4. insert 2 facing pages into your document
insert master, spreads

Step 5: Import and thread text.

To thread text in.

To flow your master text file into your document mater page text boxes
Select Smart Text Reflow and Limit to master text frames
and delete empty pages
A. Create master spreads . create text boxes on BOTH pages as per your layout.
B. Link text boxes ACROSS both pages of spread
You have to link the text boxes IN THE MASTER SPREADS!!!!!! or it will only add odd pages not left right.

Go to your document first page
Go to File>Place place text place text file

Do not activate text box on page
You will have a loaded text icon

Hold Shift key

The icon will change to flowing arrow
Click on page

text will flow into yore pages master text box

Step 6: Set Style sheets apply to text

Step 7: Export you layout as a PDF
Select the “Visible Guides and Grids” option to show your grid in PDF name it
“lastname first name _Thread/TC”

Step 8: Upload PDF Layout to OpenLab page”