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Type Challenge 5

Multiple Master Grids

for your2427 eats publication




Step 1: Create an Indesign File
Name it “lastname first name _grid TC”
Your file should be set up
File >New >Facing Pages >Number of Pages: 8
Size: 5.5x 8.5 inches.
• 4 vertical columns with .25-inch gutters.
• .5-in. margins

Step 2: Create New Master Spreads
We will create three new grid options
5×4 Grid
4×8 Grid
6×6 Grid

Other option to consider for this book project
9×9 grid, Rule Of Nine
3×6 Grid
3×3 Rule Of Thirds
Two Column
Three Column
Golden Section Spread

Open the page panel click top right to add new master spread. Option window will appear select 2 page master.

Step 3: Double Click On The Master Page To Activate It.
Now that you’ve selected your master pages, you can adjust and create grid columns by going to your menu and selecting (Layout > Margins and Columns).

Step 4: Now that you have your columns set, it’s time to create your modules for your grid.
Add horizontal guides to create a modular grid by going back to menu select (Layout > Create Guides).

Step 5 Insert new pages into your document with your new master pages. Select master page icons for pages menu and drag them in pages layout window

Step 6: Select one grid page layout
Add sample text from sample or import your own put the grid into action
Create one initial layout


398 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012
by John De Santis

Barolo Restaurant transports you to the Barolo wine region of  northern Italy. Walk down West Broadway in Soho past the  boutiques and art galleries, until you get to the entrance of Ristorante Barolo. As soon as you enter you leave SOHO behind.
Paolo Secondo, the owner of Barolo Restaurant, is from Genoa, Italy. He opened his first restaurant in New York,  I Tre Merli in 1989.  Buoyed by the success of Tre Merli, Secondo opened Barolo and several other restaurants. If you want to visit Italy with out the air fare try Barolo. Every dish is completely authentic as is the service. No Chicken Parmigiano here!



Step 7: Export you document as a PDF select the
“Visible Guides and Grids” option to show your grid in PDF name it “lastname first name _grid TC5.pdf

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