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Type Challenge 3

Type Sprints

 In order to experiment with typography in a quick, immediate way,
create four posters in a “design sprint” in time given.
Size 8”x8” Black and White Use Helvetica

Text to Use:
Brooklyn Historical Society, DUMBO. Step back in history! Waterfront is an exhibition that brings to life the vibrant history of Brooklyn’s coastline . On view at BHS’s location in Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Empire Stores.

Save your work to class OpenLab page named:
last name_Firstname_TC3
tag it Type Challenge 3
insert jpgs “last name_Firstname_TC3.jpg”



Type Challenge 3

In Class Type Challenge

Design Typographical Poster

Brooklyn Historical Society Visit


Create dynamic poster design utilizing the typography as main design element

Image is supporting secondary element

Think poster design principles

Simplicity  contrast, scale, color repetition, negative space symmetry asymmetry

Files on Dropbox

Use  one layout file to start:



You must include:

  1. Text:  Brooklyn Historical Society   Visit
  2. Text: DUMBO : dumbo.eps or dumbotext.psd
  3. The logo bhs-logo.png
  4.  One image

Save file as a jpg  named “last name first name_TC3.jpg”