Assignment 3 Project 1-2


Due Next Week

Project 1: Final Presentation

PART 2 Introduction
Project 2: Typographic Poster
Brooklyn Historical Society, DUMBO


PART 1  Project 1: Final Presentation

Assignment Pintrest page

Produce a final version of your logotype assignment.
You will  fully refine your concept, print out mount and present  to the class.
You will be graded on concept, design execution, presentation, and  following the project presentation guidelines.  If you would like to send me  something to review or if there are any questions email me.
You will be graded on:  
Presentation, typography, design, technique and following below instructions.

FINAL Deliverable


Present your layout and description. Explain your work; research and concept as related to research and your design choices.

Required for Project Presentation

1 Output mounted on board.

2. Written Project Brief Two Copies: Create a written description of your project. Mount to back of matt board.

3. Your physical job folder with all related materials: brief, concept sketches, reference etc.

4. Uploads to Class site
A. Create blog post with category: Project 1
Name the post “lastname firstname project 1”

B. Insert a digital file of project layout saved as a .jpg
Name layout file: “lastname_firstname_p1.jpg”

C. Your digital casebook file with all related materials: page one; brief description page two; final layout, then, concept sketches, reference etc. Document does not have to be a designed document but should reflect your design process. Must be saved as a PDF.
Name casebook file: “lastname_firstname_pcb_1.PDF”


Production Materials
1. Print out of your  project mounted on board.
It can be output on 8.5×11

2. Black mat board or gator board  15×20
Xacto knife
Metal edge ruler
Spray mount

3. Written Project Brief, Two Copies. Create a written description on your project. Include your name, project name, goals , concept and  explain your solution Print out 8.5×11. Mount to back of mat board and have one extra print out.

4. Your Job folder with layout,  brief description, concept sketches, design work, research and reference.


Course Pinterest  folders
Logotype Branding Design

Typography Contrast

Typography Branding

Online Reading

Logotype by Michael Evamy

Trademarks & Symbols Volume 1: Alphabetical Designs by Yasaburo Kuwayama

Related Video

Type Selection Tools

Online tutorials


Other Reference

Creative Brief Sample






Project 2: Typographic Poster

Brooklyn Historical Society, DUMBO
Typographic Poster Initial Research

Students who meet all final requirements and specifications to this project will be placed in the Project OpenLab site

Part A Poster Critique
1. Select one Typographic poster from Below:

2. Draft short review of the work you select. Post it to the course site in a new post.

3. Create OpenLab post with tagged category Project 2 Assignment 3
Name layout file: “lastname firstname P2-1”
Insert a single image poster saved as a .jpg named

Start with the principles of typography, design and composition.
Second think about the poster’s purpose, goals, and audience. Is the message clear.
Third think of design as poster, is it effective, is will it stop the viewer?

Principles: Identify any uses of scale, contrast, repetition or pattern
Contrast: Typography can be achieved in many different ways.  Does it lack or utilize contrast?
Identify if there is any use of grid
Hierarchy: Where is the emphasize on which words or letters?
Does the typography stands on its own, as the main design element?
Legibility: Is the type legible? Does it convey a message.
Use of Fonts: Does font used fit concept?

Part B
Initial Research Brooklyn Historical Society
Do research. Look at course Pinterest boards /or museum site.
Select one piece of communications designed for the society create new post
Insert a jpg into post on OpenLab you created for Part A

Creative brief_CUNY_2427
Reference Class Pintrest Pages
Brooklyn Historical Society

Reference Class Pintrest Pages

Typography Poster Designs


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